Ten tips from decades of reading—and interviewing—the master

I arranged to meet Joan Didion in 1971 after reading Slouching Toward Bethlehem. I found her essays hypnotic, in a voice I’d never heard, expressing with clarity ideas I knew were true but couldn’t have articulated. I was reporting for several magazines and asked a colleague who’d met her to…

What happens when a new technology is so disruptive that secrets long buried are unearthed, creating havoc and, in some cases, wonder?

Back in the 80’s, before we had internet or mobile phones, I created a TV series on ABC called HeartBeat, about a group of women ob-gyns.

After hanging around their office, I wrote an episode about an orthodox Jewish couple having fertility problems. The doctor asks if they would consider…

Tips from a literary journalist

I’ve been a reporter since the ’60s, when “Literary journalism” was being created by writers such as Tom Wolfe, Hunter Thompson, and Joan Didion, with whom I had long talks about writing. I’ve published more than a hundred magazine articles, written dozens of TV shows and nine books, including the…

Every so often, I come across a human story that rivets me. Here’s one.

Nayla Tawa, a lanky brunette with large blue eyes, was an extreme snowboarder.

She flew to Kyrgyzstan to go boarding in uncharted mountains, and to make a film about villagers who were trying to create a…

Sara Davidson

Sara Davidson is the N.Y. Times best-selling author of Loose Change, The December Project, and JOAN: 40 years of life, loss, and friendship with Joan Didion.

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